Attention Business Coaches, Speakers, Consultants and Educators

Attend Highly Valued and Exclusive Grant Cardone Masterminds – Twice a Year

Priced Less than Other Masterminds, these Events are Specifically Tailored for Your Coaching Business

This is Just One of Many Parts that Make up Our Perfect Coaching Business Blueprint, Backed By Proven Success

In Addition to Instant Brand Creditability, You Get Access To:

​A free email account.

A free listing in the official Global Grant Cardone Licensee Directory.

Free opt-in, lead generating ClickFunnels Templates (ClickFunnel account is purchased separately).

A Free Shopify Storefront, which works just like a referral link: you share your link, your clients shop, you receive commission.


Two priceless Licensee Masterminds a year. This is the ultimate deep-dive into our marketing tactics, sales techniques and technical tools that we use to sell the very same products that you're selling. Plus network and gain additional insights from other attendees.

An opportunity to go from Grant Cardone Licensee to 10X Certified Coach, intended for hand-selected, high performing Licensees. Once you are a certified, we send you coaching appointments, handing over coveted clients.

Weekly Licensee Coaching Calls with Grant’s Executive Team.

An exhaustive library of marketing and branding resources, ready to deliver workshops, contracts, presentations, scripts, and much more. Includes marketing materials that are  guaranteed to generate new leads and convert them into high-paying clients.

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